Woodward's "W" Tee

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A take on the classic Woodward's sign on East Hastings Street in Vancouver.

Installed on the top of the Woodward's department store building in 1944, the original "W" would spend decades in place before the building was demolished in 2006.

Originally the salvaged "W" was to be re-installed atop the new Woodward’s Building, but when it was lowered to the ground it was found to be in bad shape after 50 years of exposure to rain, salt air and bird droppings. It was then decided that a replica be built and installed in its place. The original sign used 140 meters of red neon tubing along its outer edge and 572 50-watt bulbs; the current sign uses LED technology and requires less than 5% of the energy used by its predecessor.

The new sign was lit for the first time on January 15th, 2010, as the new Woodward's Block rose out of the ashes.

This design was art directed by Rory O'Sullivan with creative direction from Andrew Samuel of St Bernadine in Chinatown. It originally appeared in an issue of Wayward Arts Magazine which featured 15 illustrations and stories highlighting iconic local signage. Download the entire issue HERE.

• Unisex fit, soft feel
• 100% ringspun cotton
• Pre-shrunk
• Printed in / shipped from East Vancouver

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