Chinatown Otter Coffee Mug

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Sip your morning coffee with this furry local icon!

Vancouver's Chinatown otter first burst onto the scene in 2018 when they ate a bunch of koi out of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden's pond, including a 50-year-old fish named Madonna.

The fish were temporarily moved out of the pond and into the Vancouver Aquarium, and the city went into unofficial Otter Watch.

The otter eluded capture for weeks, and the fish were welcomed back into the pond a few months later when everyone thought the coast was clear.

However in November of 2019 - a full year after their original appearance - the otter came back to feast on more fish!

As of right now, they're still on the lam.

•  Dishwasher Safe – Rated for 3500+ cycles
•  Microwave safe and heat resistant
•  Lead and cadmium free
•  FDA Compliant
•  CA Prop 65 Approved
•  Ceramic Platinum 32 Handle Strength Test – Passed