Our unique Spirit Bear sweater will keep you cozy for life

Posted by Bob Kronbauer on

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By now you're likely familiar with the local company, Granted Sweater Co.

Founded in 1978, this multi-generational family business produces Canadian heritage sweaters loosely based on vintage Mary Maxim sweaters, hand knitted by selected skilled artisans in Vancouver. Each of their unique, high quality garments takes anywhere from 20-25 hours to make, and will literally provide you with a lifetime of coziness.

The style of sweater they make was deeply rooted in European knitting history long before it became an iconic item in Canadian fashion culture. Settlers taught and passed down their Intarsia knitting style to the local communities in Canada, and variations of their craft can still be found today.

Devan Head photo

We've been working with Granted on a very special collaboration sweater which we're proud to announce is now available for pre-sale, shipping September 24th, 2020.

A true collaboration, Granted's Brian Hirano and V.I.A.'s Bob Kronbauer worked together on the design over the past couple of months.

The concept is to celebrate a British Columbia icon (the Spirit Bear; the official mammal of B.C.) while also giving a nod to diversity and how it makes this province a better place.

The yin and yang on the back of the sweater features a white Kermode (Spirit) Bear, along with its Black Bear sibling. As we explained in a recent episode of our BC Was Awesome history TV show, the rare Kermode was instrumental in saving the Great Bear Rainforest from logging in the early 1990s.

As Hirano says, "There is a lot we can learn from bears. They don't care what colour they are and live and hunt side by side. We [humans] are all the same animal and - like them - I believe we can live in harmony."

There are currently only 200-400 of these bears alive today, and partial proceeds from the sale of this sweater will go towards ensuring their long-term survival; we're donating 10% of the profits to Pacific Wild, a charity which works to protect wildlife and their habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest.


- 2 versions available: grey or brown
- 100% pure new wool, sourced in Canada.
- Canadian made YKK zippers.
- Hand knit by local skilled artisans, taking anywhere from 20-25 hours to knit up one sweater.
- Hand wash in cold water or professional dry clean only.

You can preorder one HERE.